Entry #42

I missed my 3 year anniversary here!

2017-05-13 01:23:51 by CGA-999

Whelp, it's been 3 years. I don't know whether it's gone by quickly or slowly, but it's gone by, here's to many more years here! I love this place, and even though I haven't been as active lately, it's just some IRL issues that have been getting in the way, I wanna get back on more often soon. 


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2017-07-09 19:29:47

i know how you feel, this place is GREAT!

i have officially marked my 10th anniversary in here, and soon i will reach my 11th.
time flies.

(i officially joined NG on 06, but i've been lurking since 2002)

CGA-999 responds:

It's a great place, a great community, and while I have my criticisms of it, I still love the place, even if I'm not spending quite as much time here. 11 years, time flies. :D