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Deleted accounts archive

Posted by CGA-999 - March 28th, 2015

There is an archive of deleted threads by @Sword-of-Kings, but not an archive of lost accounts. This will be updated when I find some.

Here is WahyaRanger. I miss him. Here is a poster, by the way. And the Drawing Grounds profile. His profile pic.

Studiorvk. He made a thread called "delete my account," so his account likely has minutes to live.

I found a pic before NippleManOfMilk got deleted. Might as well add the poster, too. His profile. And a newspost.

SbenixNG has been waiting for his account to be deleted. I'll miss him, too.

zombiescapades66. Credit to @Radaketor for finding this one.

Found this in Sword-of-kings's Deleted thread archive. yundu654321

Another spammer: FaJJot2

Probably a lot more spammers coming. stevenman36

Told ya so. madelbrunner

shoesoutlet In case you haven't noticed, there is a lot of spammers on NG.

imcoolman Nice username, bro.

SilverTheHedgehog actually wasn't a spam bot.

But gh5743013 was.

The thread's title says a lot about iCherii-studioz.

vivian58 was another spammer.

Another spambot called gevie.

shaunmartin- yet another spammer.

Zombiescapades66's alt, PerfectAnomaly56.

My friend tkdwill created a new account, so his old one is in the process of deletion. Here is his Drawing Grounds profile. 

TrecoSpossi signed up in 2008 but he shows little to no sign of activity since then. A newspost and review as well.

MyFatalDesire was someone who obviously didn't drop by often. A review by them as well.

Another few spammers. Don't mind the red lines. Here is maryben450.

And ApriliaAulia. More red lines. 

Here is maiajsykes. Red lines. Spammer.

I have vixuzar's old profile here. His art as well. Before vixuzar, his name was alshikh.

Here is Provoke's profile. The newspost.

Oguzaral. Not much to say here.

Another spammer called dreamsmokey.

Yet another called ceureil.

I found scarab. His audio.

This guy called patheticcockroach that I found on archive.org. A review as well. 

Fieldertiger is a user who I will miss. He had some art, reviews, and newsposts. His profile. And his Drawing Grounds profile.

Ki-the-fairy came back this year for deletion. He left a few reviews, such as this one. His profile and stats. Thanks, vix.

A user that impersonated fieldertiger, found at the last minute, before the inevitable happens. fieIdertiqer

Vnzi is also someone I miss. A review as well.

Spretznaz is also gone. Here is a (albeit glitchy) review by him. Profile before 2012. And after.

Head-Full-Of-Acid got his account deleted. :'( Always sucks to lose followers. A review. And a PM. Won't be seeing many PMs on here.

Oh man, remember this guy? Sunshinethefox said that he will commit suicide. Jeez, I hope he is alright. On archive.org, there is a review by him that I chose to censor, but you may try to find it. Here is a review I didn't censor. And his art.

I hated rajNG. A "review" by him. Before the 2012 redesign. A review from before as well.

BTRaven is leaving. Stats.

Don't freak out! This is FinaLee, but on MY FORUM, NOT NGBBS! I accidentally deleted his first account.

There is no way this guy won't be deleted. All the spam bots do. dinaxina

PhilTheThrillKessel's old main account, combatboots. His old profile, before 2012.

TrickyClock had some popular Clock Crew flash. His pre-2012 profile. An example of a movie. That before 2012. An old review, too.

I found Bedn's account, Josh.

Here is rossthehossboss. This was his actual post.

This guy called Taime.

Another dude, MadMax.

Sadly, this isn't his actual post, I couldn't find anything else. bigcoat

What a disturbing username chioce, CHUCKCHILDREN. His profile.

BTRaven's profile. Stats.  And his final topic.

leolit, a spammer.

Denisicarrisk, yet another spambot.

Another one called samisen.

The guy who made the original Audio Portal cleanup thread, SadSpoon. This is his profile from before 2012.

Tokecat, who I found on @Painbringer's b-day list.

SpinachClock. This was before the 2007 redesign. His topic.

FlourideFollies, who made a thread called, "delete my account."

AlaizaBataool. Another spammer. We gotta get these guys under control. They are making my archive larger and less interesting. Larger is good, but less interesting is not. Tangent/  Anyway, here is his only post, and the topic itself.

Here is a sketchier spammer called janegift. This was a PM sent by them, as spam, to a boatload of people.

Another PM spammer "Miss Cynthia." I received a PM from her as cynthiachia. Sorry, I was only able to get the exact text of the PM.

An extremely racist user called whitepride1111. These are pics of him after deletion. He's been gone for a while! At least since before 2007. And after 2012.

Here is this guy called NuKe929.

And another one called Mr_Jam. Before underscores were outlawed! Nice! And another.

This is DarkSide7000. A topic. His profile in 2007. And a review. And an unresponsive Flash.

Shawtey's final newspost.

EmbassadorPireus is a user I hadn't heard of...

Crimson_Edge was another. A topic by him. 

Falcon1485. One of his topics.

Boy, did I ever hit the jackpot today! The first is: nicolegrant.  And a post by them. And the topic it was in.

Another one today, jonjovan. 

Hughirma was another spambot deployed today. And there's more. His post.

Heinrich is a user I will miss a lot. Wow, a moderator getting his account deleted... His old profile. A Flash he made. Asandir's interview. Heinrich loved photoshop. He made a thread where you photoshop him. Here is what he looked like from that thread. Also, there is still results of him on Google Search results. 

ZeroDown's original account, Pogobro. His final forum post. I might as well do this one, just because. His artwork. Top tier.

Another spammer called maryjcash. SPAMMERS STAHP! Her spam topic. The inside post in the topic. The tab I had open for them.

IsaacIsBlind, and he has also sent and received some funny PMs.

Here is villevn, who just put up a thread called, "delete my account." The tab, too. And the thread, before it is opened.

Another update tonight, ProTech10 is leaving. His profile. A review, and I would think that it counts as abusive. And the tab. I have no idea why I keep these. The... I dunno what it is called, but this is it.

This is Centaurora. And a couple of comments. And one more.  And a review.


Comments (19)

SuperFaggot64, Scarab, and NippleManOfMilk are the only ones that come to mind. I know there was a recent account deletion other than NippleManOfMilk, but I can't think of it. There was a thread about it that was locked.

WahyaRanger. That was actually my thread! I requested to have it locked. And I got NPOM up there.

Try Googling any of the users who had their accounts deleted, like NippleManOfMilk, and you won't be disappointed with the image results.

Hmmm... I will try that.

For example, when I Googled "NippleManOfMilk", I found this: http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/25306000/ngbbs547121dfcab8b.jpg

(I made that image a few months ago but it ended up on Google Images)

Same thing with WahyaRanger: http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/25306000/ngbbs5471e861b979c.jpg

Oh yeah! I remember when you made that! I think I posted in that thread.

why do people delete their accounts...I cry every tiem

you can also look up usernames on www.archive.org

Good idea!

If only someone screencapped the entirety of NippleManOfMilk's "Gonna Fap All November" thread. That was an interesting thread to read....

Yeah, that was pretty good.

Man, just putting out a thread called 'delete my account' feels like euthanasia.

Yeah, it really does...

So, a suggestion; why not see to it that the userpages are shotted instead of just the BBS account summary?

I have been trying to find those as well. In fact, I just remembered where one is!

Whoa, i don't know why but i didn't get a notification when you @'d me on your newspost, just stumbled upon it now by accident.
It's Zombiescapades66, by the way.
More users that have deleted their accounts are PerfectAnomaly56 and usernameunavalible (don't know if they count since they were all Zombiescapades66's alts), @vixuzar also had a previous account he asked to be deleted, if you ask him he could tell you the name of it.

I heard and saw a little bit of the fieldertiqer incident. And vixuzar's old account was also called vixuzar, but he had it changed to that. It was called alshikh. And alts count. If I can find them.

@Solwings made an alt account when he was dalexj1337 because he forgot the password of his main account, the alt was deleted after a while, if you ask him about it he can probably tell you the name.
fieidertiqer was a troll account that someone made to impersonate @fieldertiger, it was deleted because it kept saying the 9/11 attacks were funny.

I didn't know that dalexj1337/alexborn/solwings made an alt. Interesting.

WahyaRanger is BanditWoolyBear. Have the same syntax, had an icon with similar art style, name relates to nature/wildlife (bears and park rangers), and the latter account was created just after the former was deleted. Not a coincidence.

Supergandhi64 was risbolla.

I know. He told me specifically.

I'm sure that this user will be deleted soon, so I've screencapped the thread and his profile.
Thread: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/ddf3154db81c90df51bfade322ababcd
Profile: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/2e0c9af88b8f877bb323758517167ef6

Thank you! I will add it if he does get deleted.

im glad someone besides me finally knows who sg64 is

I'm sure there are a bunch of us.

it really seems most people are competely oblivious. well at least they did. i never heard of anyone talk about sg64 real identity before this. i think i figured out before most people did. but it doesn't even matter anyway. risbolla was a a nobody and sg64 is sg64. you know what i mean?

how did you find out?

I was told by... uh... I don't remember his username. How did you find out?

reading the newsposts comments of one of sg64s old NG friends who he mentions all the time. not long after that i found my way into a sub forum with a bunch of regs, and there was risbolla. its no secret anymore, sg64 updated his skype as risbolla. people did a shitty job trying to cover up and protect his secret when asked about it

typiing the name risbolla on google yields interesting results. you can a lot of the guys internet activity. that's the penalty for making your own easily recognizable nickname, you can easily be looked up

I am now looking it up.

truly though, the only thing so interesting about it is that sg64 was able to fool and get so many people angry just typing away bullshit on his computer. it takes a funny smart guy to do that. wish i was active for his glory days, 2012

I wish I had done more lurking then. Back then, I just mostly played games here.

Sunshinethefox is back with a new account: http://sf-productions.newgrounds.com/

So, how's the deleted account archive doing? There's some accounts that are requesting to be deleted on the help forum right now.

WahyaRanger was a bitch fuck that guy.

I know, right?

I still miss him, he was normal compared to me tbh