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This is incredible! I have a couple points to note: not sure if it was intentional or not (I assume it was), but it was a bit strange that Deimos lit his cigarette with his finger, and there were rain droplets that stopped midair which was a little bit distracting as well. The zombies were pretty shiny so I guess that didn't give off quite the "undead" vibe I think it should, but other than that, the art is incredible, the music choice was great, it actually felt suspenseful, which I haven't really felt in many animations before. You obviously put a lot of work into this and it paid off. This was a great animation overall.


Great job! I loved the voices, music (Again, where is that from? I've never heard it before.) and animation. I think that the zombie girl could have been startled as soon as Vicky started talking, and things with the timing weren't perfect, but overall, it was great! I'm glad you used my song, too. :) I was really looking forward to this animation, and you didn't let me down! :D

guitarrob responds:

Thank you so much. :)
Yeah I know that the timing is a bit iffy. But I'm glad you like it.

The other song I got it from larrynachos. He has made many great songs. here's a link.


I liked it. It had a pretty funny story twist at the end. One thing that I think would be cool is if it were animated more, much like the last one. I also think that it should have voices/sound effects for every line, rather than just a few, to help it be more consistent. I really liked this, funny as always. Good job!

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I like this game, I have a couple issues with it though:

-The music is very repetitive
-Having to click the speech bubbles gets pretty monotonous
-The locker with the hall pass (spoiler alert) isn't marked at all, so that portion is difficult without the walkthrough or having played the remake

Otherwise, I like the art style for the game, and I like the creativity in the items and plot.

I like it so far, it's definitely an alright game. A couple of gripes though- the controls weren't very well explained, there should be a bit of a tutorial for it because they're not quite self explanatory, and if your mouse leaves the screen and it pauses, if you click back in to unpause the game, it places one of your memory blocks. Nothing too major, it's a pretty alright game otherwise.


squidly responds:

Yea that's a Flash issue with some browsers for the mouse. Did you try Chrome?

It seems alright, but it gets repetitive pretty quickly, and without music or graphics that you put a lot of time into making, it seems quickly hashed out rather than something there was a lot of time sunk into. Keep trying, add some music next time, and do something interesting with levels and graphics and it'll be a lot better!

Magicalpony444 responds:

Well i will add music and hardcore mode, but i will never change graphics. New weapons are coming and new powerups.

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Well, it was an alright song. I know this isn't intended to be amazing, but it is certainly okay. Not much to say here, but you told me to One Star it, so I have done as I have been told. :)

Alright, this is good. :) But I have suggestions. I think it could have done without the voice- in fact, I would have removed that entirely. The voice is a bit annoying, but if you like it, that's fine by me. I like that you put dubstep into it at the same time as putting some melody into it. I really like the end of it. That is a really cool part. Overall, it sounds good.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i love melodys to much not to blend them :3 vocs wher more fun then anything for me :p knowing where they are from makes it feel better to me :p
thanks for the review n.n

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Absolutely amazing. It is one of the most realistic pieces of artwork I have ever seen. Her arms are a tiny bit weird, but other than that, it is perfect. LOL, I almost flagged it for being a photograph! Keep up the great work!


I like it! But I have a couple suggestions. I think that the wings would look nicer if the colors were blended, rather than the sudden change in the shade of blue. I also think that blue is too overused here, so maybe a sunset in the background. Also the tip of the spear would look better if it made the entire spear symmetrical, so it is equal on both sides. Overall, I like it, but it could be improved upon. :)


I like it! It is very simple, yet it is still good! I think that a few more stars across the sky would be great, and also, a little bit more detail in the grass would be awesome! Good work!


Iwillcube responds:

Thank you for the Review, CGA!

Like my art? I don't either.

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