Entry #42

I missed my 3 year anniversary here!

2017-05-13 01:23:51 by CGA-999

Whelp, it's been 3 years. I don't know whether it's gone by quickly or slowly, but it's gone by, here's to many more years here! I love this place, and even though I haven't been as active lately, it's just some IRL issues that have been getting in the way, I wanna get back on more often soon. 


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2017-07-09 19:29:47

i know how you feel, this place is GREAT!

i have officially marked my 10th anniversary in here, and soon i will reach my 11th.
time flies.

(i officially joined NG on 06, but i've been lurking since 2002)

CGA-999 responds:

It's a great place, a great community, and while I have my criticisms of it, I still love the place, even if I'm not spending quite as much time here. 11 years, time flies. :D


2017-08-05 14:59:48

I've been here 10 or 11 years as well.

You aint lying bout real life though. All up in my way.


2017-09-11 05:09:51

Hope your issues have been cast aside or dealt with, was reading thru some old timers blogs, saw your name, just had to come over here and check on ya. So... how was your summer?

CGA-999 responds:

Heh, it was alright, how about you?